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Click on the thumbnails below, to open the map in a Lightbox window. Print using CTRL-P. Scroll using the arrow, or arrow keys. Click outside the picture to close it and return to the maps page.


1. Street map of central London, showing the locations of major attractions.

Steeet Map of Central London Showing the Location of Major Attractions.

2. Tube Map of showing the Shopping Districts and how to get to them using the London Underground.

Shopping Map - How the Shopping Districts relate to the Tube stations in Zone 1.

3. Street map of central London showing the boundary for the Congestion Charge. Many sights and attractions are located within this zone.

Street Map Showing the Congestion Charge Zone in Central London.

4. Central London map showing major bus routes to prime sights and attractions.

Central London Bus Map Showing Routes and Attractions.

5. Standard London Tube map, showing all the London Undergound stations and connections. Updated to include the Overground extensions - Summer 2010.



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