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  • Game of Thrones actors reportedly sign up for seventh season after contract talks

    Actors including Lena Headley and Kit Harington reported to have negotiated huge salary increases in return for re-signing with HBOs hugely popular show

    Game of Thrones looks set to return for a seventh season netting its stars a bumper payday.

    The Hollywood Reporter writes that the shows lead actors have renegotiated their contracts, which only covered six seasons of the show, to include an option for a seventh.

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  • Homeopaths offer services to help fight Ebola epidemic in west Africa
    Scientists condemn homeopaths as irresponsible and cruel for offering victims false hope and for putting lives at risk

    Homeopaths have offered their services to prevent and treat Ebola in west Africa, claiming their remedies can work in serious epidemics of infectious disease.

    Homeopaths worldwide have been mobilising their efforts toward gaining entrance in those countries affected, the National Center for Homeopathy in the US said on its website. The overriding goal is to investigate Ebola firsthand, and thereby determine which remedy or remedies are best for treating this disease.

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  • Knives out: why we love reading cruel restaurant reviews

    As a food critic, I know that people love the negative reviews and that its more fun to read and write about the bad meals than the good ones

    Where restaurant criticism is concerned it is hate that springs eternal. Sure, people may enjoy restaurant reviews in general, but what they really love are the takedowns. Pete Wells of the New York Times is undoubtedly well read, but it was his 2012 review of cable TV star Guy Fieris American Kitchen and Bar, phrased as a few dozen questions Did panic grip your soul as you stared into the whirling hypno wheel of the menu ? which became a national talking point. Times restaurant reviews tend to attract a few dozen comments; the Fieri review garnered over a thousand.

    I had a taste of that a couple of weeks ago. My somewhat negative review of Beast, an unintentionally hilarious steak and king crab place in London, went viral. It may have had something to do with my suggestion that the beef was so expensive they should, for the price, install the animal under the table so it can pleasure me while I eat. Usually my reviews are shared a few hundred times on Facebook. This one has been shared 17,500 times and has been viewed around 10 times more than any other.

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  • Does Kim Kardashian have her eye on your bottom?
    The celebrity is attempting to copyright her bum. How long before she comes after yours?

    To Los Angeles, where Lost in Showbiz learns that a landmark court case may be brewing. It derives this knowledge from a feature in leading legal periodical Closer magazine, headlined KIM KARDASHIAN FUMES OVER BOTTOM COPYCAT. We wont go into too much detail here, because quite frankly, reading the whole article made Lost in Showbiz worry that civilisation as we know it is doomed and that brimstone is going to start raining from the sky any minute. Suffice to say, the general thrust is that Kim Kardashian is angry at a woman the piece refers to as internet bottom sensation Jen Selter. Selter has been posting photographs of her large buttocks on Instagram, an activity Kardashian apparently feels is an unacceptable infringement upon her very raison detre: one of the gangplanks of Kim Kardashians global celebrity being her nonpareil ability to take photographs of her own large buttocks with a cameraphone. Kim thinks Jen copies all her poses she is fuming as she feels her curvy bum is one of her most unique selling points and feels that Jen is just trying to cash in.

    By this point in the article, Lost in Showbiz was losing the will to live, but the next line brought it up short. Insiders say Kim has sought legal advice to see if they can stop Jen, it read, raising the very real possibility that, somewhere in California, a crack team of lawyers may at this very moment be working around the clock to copyright buttocks on behalf of Kim Kardashian. You may say this is an entirely ridiculous scenario we are all, God willing, born with buttocks, Kanye Wests wife cant just carry on as if she personally invented the concept of having an arse. To which Lost in Showbiz can only respond: do you know how much money these people have? They can bankroll the best legal minds in America! Frankly, if anyone can copyright the concept of buttocks, its the West-Kardashians.

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  • Sturgeons Euro gambit could galvanise another Scottish independence tilt
    Nicola Sturgeons bid for a Scottish veto over a European exit further defines SNP politics as a Ukip-free zone

    Nicola Sturgeons bid to let the four home nations have an individual say on whether to stay in the European Union has met with a predictably dusty response. The prime minister insisted on Wednesday there would be one UK-wide vote. The Labour party asked why, if England had no say in Scotlands independence vote, Scotland should have an effective veto on a European one. And David Coburn, Ukips solitary Scottish MEP, huffed and puffed all over the Scottish airwaves asking what part of no the Nationalists had failed to understand.

    Within Scotland the reaction was rather more nuanced. An academic survey published last week suggested that only four Scottish constituencies out of 59 would vote to leave the EU, while almost half of all voters would not want to exit. Like the CBI in England, Scottish business largely views the thought of new trade barriers with its biggest marketplace with undisguised dismay.

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  • Togo Igawa: how I became the RSCs first Japanese actor

    Sean Bean whispered when we passed each other in the corridor: Togo, the Queen laughed at your twitching.

    After I moved to England from Japan in 1983, I was asked to audition for the RSC. I had to prepare a set piece. As I had belonged to one theatre company for 13 years in Japan, I had never had an audition and didnt know what a set piece was. I was one of the founding members of Black Tent theatre. We travelled all over Japan with an enormous tent that could seat 500 people.

    While I was waiting for my turn in the green room at the Barbican, there were other actors with Shakespeares sonnets in their hands who were waiting for their turn. The piece I prepared was not Shakespeare but a short scene with Japanese soldiers and an American POW in Hiroshima Castle. I played all three characters and wore a Japanese army headband, which also became a black blindfold. It was a very physical piece, with Japanese dialogue and a part of the Lords Prayer in English. John Barton, who is really a living encyclopedia of Shakespeare, might have felt it was unique. Anyway, he made the mistake of choosing me for the company.

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