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  • Ukraine votes in parliamentary election

    First parliamentary poll since downfall of Yanukovich expected to strengthen President Poroshenko

    Ukrainians are voting in an election that is expected to strengthen President Petro Poroshenkos mandate to end a separatist conflict in the east of the country.

    Polling stations opened at 8.00 am (0600 GMT) on Sunday in the first parliamentary polls since street protests in the capital Kiev last winter forced Moscow-backed leader Viktor Yanukovich to flee and ushered in a pro-Europe leadership under Poroshenko.

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  • Record number of Britons in low-paid jobs, says thinktank

    Resolution Foundation says number of people earning less than £7.69 an hour increased by 250,000 last year to reach 5.2m

    A record 5 million workers are now in low-paid jobs, according to a new report, sparking calls for government action to help tackle the problem.

    The Resolution Foundation said the numbers earning less than two thirds of median hourly pay equivalent to £7.69 an hour increased by 250,000 last year to reach 5.2 million.

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  • Headteachers to receive new guidance on term-time school absences

    Union to issue guidelines on circumstances in which children can stay off, but cheaper holidays wont be among them

    Cheaper holidays dont fit the bill as a reason for taking children out of school, the leader of the headteachers union has said, announcing new guidance on absences.

    Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said the body would be issuing new guidelines for heads on what constitutes exceptional circumstances in which children can be allowed time off.

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  • Kansas City Royals 4-11 San Francisco Giants: 2014 World Series - as it happened!
    • Giants 16-hit salvo stuns Royals
    • World Series tied 2-2
    • Game 5 on Sunday
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  • Russell Brand refuses to comment on London mayor speculation

    Mail on Sunday reports that comedian and author is considering a bid to succeed Boris Johnson

    Comedian Russell Brand has refused to comment on suggestions he could mount a bid to become mayor of London.

    Brand, who previously described voting as a waste of time, has told close friends he wants to succeed Tory Boris Johnson in 2016, according to the Mail on Sunday.

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  • The power of writing lists that make no difference to our lives at all
    We all love a good list. It makes us feel organised and in control even though most things happen by accident

    Human beings love lists, because they create a sense of order in a chaotic world, author Shaun Usher told me this week. I was asking him about his new book Lists of Note, the follow-up to his bestselling Letters of Note. It is a beautiful and immensely satisfying book. A collection of lists by the famous, the infamous and the anonymous. From Johnny Cashs to-do list (1. Not Smoke 2. Kiss June 3. Not Kiss Anyone Else) to the list of parts Galileo needed to build his telescope in 1609 and a list of reasons not to work written by the slaves in the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt. It is a fascinating and revealing glimpse into their lives and hopes.

    Shaun is quite right. Lists are wonderful precisely because they create the happy illusion of order. They suggest that life is a process which we can control. As a natural planner and a dreamer, I have always loved them. Every New Year I make a huge one filled with everything I want to do, try or keep doing in the year to come. Writing it all down feels like the first step to making things happen. Even if only on paper, at that moment, my hopes exist. There is power in naming things, I have always believed that. I cant help noticing, though, that for all my forethought and good intentions, the biggest and best things in my life happened entirely by accident.

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