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  • Davis Cup final: Andy Murray v David Goffin – live!

    Second set: Goffin 3-6, 5-5 Murray* (*denotes server): Murray has to hold serve to keep the second set alive and he outlasts Goffin to win the first point, the Belgian netting a forehand. Goffin then whacks a forehand wide at the end of a see-sawing rally and Murray wins the next rally with a dink down the line for 40-0, Goffin not quite doing enough with a prod at the net. Yet 40-0 becomes 40-30 after two tight shots from Murray. Yet Goffin nets a forehand and a relieved Murray clings on to his serve. Are we heading for a tie-break?

    Second set: Goffin* 3-6, 5-4 Murray (*denotes server): Goffin locks it down at the net, skidding forward to put away a backhand volley for a 15-0 lead, before he zings an ace down the middle for 30-0. It’s 40-15 when Murray sends a stiff backhand long off a second serve and Goffin holds. These are dangerous times for Murray, who has to hold to stay in the second set. Goffin is playing very well in his service games at the moment.

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  • F1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – live!

    Lap 29: “What’s the plan? I just can’t get through with this traction.” Bottas is in 14th, after that awful incident with Button earlier, where Bottas lost his front wing in the pit lane.

    Lap 28: It looks like Perez is going to try and get through this race on just two stops, he comes in for another set of soft tyres. Perez emerges in sixth, ahead of Ricciardo. His tyre management is fantastic, so he is still in the hunt for that third place.

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  • Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea: Premier League – live!

    That’s yer lot for this one - now it’s over to Alan Smith for West Ham v West Brom...

    Related: West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion: Premier League – live!

    Well that second-half was powerfully tedious. The first showed a few signs that there might be something to get excited about, but the treacherous second made us all most disappointed. One volley by Hazard was the closest we got to any sort of excitement or goal, and beyond that was just a seemingly endless sequence of scrappy bits of play. Ah well. Presumably neither side will cry themselves to sleep over the result, but maybe a bit more excitement next time, please?

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  • Paris climate protesters banned but 10,000 shoes remain – video

    Over 10,000 pairs of shoes on the Place de la Republique replace marchers who were set to take part in a climate cancelled protest as activists take to the streets around the globe. The Paris march was expected to bring 200,000 people onto the city’s streets but was forbidden by French authorities in light of security concerns. Elsewhere, thousands marched in Hong Kong, Seoul and Sydney ahead of the Paris climate summit on Monday

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  • Global climate march 2015: Pope Francis and Ban Ki-moon donate 'marching shoes' – live

    Caroline Lucas, Green party MP, told crowds in London:

    To change everything we need everyone. That’s why people are gathering in cities around this country and the world. We are already so far ahead of the governments and the private corporations who block us....We already know that what’s on offer in Paris is nowhere near enough.we know that business as usual will take us towards a world of 4C warming....that is a future of droughts desertification and disease. We refuse to leave our future in the hands of those inside the secure zone in a conference centre in Paris... We already know what needs to be done. We need a massive investment in renewable energy and efficiency to create hundreds of thousands of jobs...we need to be serious about agriculture because meat production creates more emissions than all the card and trains and planes out together.

    Special shout out to divestment campaign who with all their inspiration have showed us the way

    David Cameron is taking a wreaking ball to environmental policy....We are here to say the fight against fracking and nuclear is only just beginning.

    Here’s some video of Corbyn’s speech, via James Randerson. Apologies for it being split into four parts:

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  • Doha trade talks's failure is part of end for second age of globalisation?

    Climate has changed since WTO round began in 2001, with extreme nationalism rising again on back of economic hardship triggered by system failure

    It’s November 2001. The terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11 are still fresh and raw. While George Bush plots revenge, a meeting of trade ministers takes place in the Gulf state of Qatar.

    The gathering has two purposes. At one level, it is intended as a show of global solidarity with the US, a signal that the international community can unite in its opposition to fanaticism. But trade ministers also think the time is right to break down barriers to the free movement of goods and services around the world. After all, the last successful round of trade liberalisation negotiations was completed eight years earlier in 1993.

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