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  • Suge Knight attorney says hit-and-run video is in 'police custody'
    • Death Row records co-founder surrendered to police early Friday
    • Hip-hop mogul accused of fleeing scene where two men were hit – killing one

    An attorney for Marion “Suge” Knight said on Saturday a video existed of an incident in which the hip-hop mogul hit two men with his pickup truck, killing one.

    The founder of Death Row Records surrendered to police early on Friday, 12 hours after fleeing the scene where he allegedly struck at least two men with his truck, killing one – a friend – following an argument on the set of the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.

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  • Kobani: destroyed and riddled with unexploded bombs, but its residents dare to dream of a new start

    Kurdish forces triumphed over Isis in Kobani but the Syrian town is devastated. Emma Graham-Harrison was one of the first reporters on the scene

    The concrete eagle in what used to be Freedom Square still surveys Kobani imperiously. But around it almost nothing stands. Buildings have vanished during months of heavy shelling, replaced by snarls of steel and rubble, and the yawning craters left by US air strikes.

    One side street is blocked by the bodies of Isis fighters, rotting where they fell – a pile of bones marked only by a foul smell. On the muddy track that marks where another road led, a series of tattered sniper screens veils the destruction of the schools and homes where sharpshooters had sheltered.

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  • Vice case puts Dominique Strauss-Kahn and French attitudes to sex on trial
    The former presidential hopeful’s fall will reach its nadir in a sordid sex-party trial that signals a moral shift

    On a damp day in the northern French city of Lille, where an early-morning flurry of snow has turned to drizzle, there is only one subject of conversation – and it is not the inclement weather.

    The talk is of politics, power and pimping, and whether former presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn was simply a man with an insatiable penchant for sex or – unlikely as it seems – a key figure in an “international” vice ring.

    It’s true that French people have the impression they live in a very liberal society when it comes to sex

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  • Isis finally admits defeat in Kobani after air strikes force its fighters to retreat

    ‘We had to withdraw and the rats advanced’, say Islamic State fighters in video statement after US-led attacks drive jihadis from Syrian town

    Islamic State (Isis) has admitted for the first time that US-led air strikes on Kobani have forced its fighters from the Syrian town.

    Two fighters from the Islamist group said in a video that aerial attacks by fighter jets from the US and several Arab countries were the main reason for the withdrawal.

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  • Kobani residents return after Isis retreat: ‘It was beautiful. Now it’s like a destroyed city’ – video
    Bullet-riddled cars line the streets and large swaths of the Syrian city have been reduced to rubble after months-long fight against Islamic State Continue reading...

  • US drone strike in Yemen kills four suspected al-Qaida operatives

    The latest crisis in Yemen has plunged the impoverished country deeper into turmoil and pushed it closer to fracturing along sectarian and tribal lines

    Yemeni tribal and security officials said on Saturday a US drone strike had hit a car in the Shabwa province, killing four suspected al-Qaida operatives.

    A similar strike targeted the group last Monday, signaling Washington’s determination to keep fighting the militants despite political paralysis in the country brought on by a power grab by Shia rebels.

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