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  • Paul McGinley and Tom Watson to set markers with Ryder Cup wildcards
    The captains will name their three picks apiece on Tuesday amid intense scrutiny, with plenty of questions still hanging in the air

    Similarities between the independence referendum and the Ryder Cup extend beyond both taking place in Scotland in September. Month after month of shadow boxing in each ensure legitimate excitement whenever something meaningful happens.

    Tuesday is the significant golfing day. With Wentworth as the backdrop, Paul McGinley will name his three wildcard picks for Europe. Later in the day, Tom Watson will do likewise for the United States during a live television show in New York. The box office appeal of the Ryder Cup has increased with each passing event.

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  • Sir Paul McCartney joins celebrity calls against Scottish independence
    Former Beatle makes declaration supporting the Let's Stay Together campaign, following several hundred public figures

    Sir Paul McCartney has become the latest celebrity to call for Scotland to stay as part of the UK before the country's vote on independence next month.

    The ex-Beatle made the declaration as the Let's Stay Together campaign sought support in Liverpool on Saturday.

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  • Rickets returns as poor families find healthy diets unaffordable
    The UK Faculty of Public Health will call for national food policy including sugar tax as concerns rise over vitamin deficiencies

    Poverty is forcing people to have dangerously poor diets and is leading to the return of rickets and gout diseases of the Victorian age that affect bones and joints according the UK Faculty of Public Health.

    The public health professionals' body will call for a national food policy, including a sugar tax, as concerns rise over malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies in British children. It will also appeal for all political parties to back a living wage to help combat the illnesses.

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  • Britain's best defence to the terror threat is international action
    Government talk of returning jihadis and 'western values' won't keep us safe. We need a coordinated international strategy to defeat those who threaten us

    It is always easy to persuade frightened people to part with their liberties. But it is always right for politicians who value liberty to resist attempts to increase arbitrary executive powers unless this is justified, not by magnifying fear, but by actual facts.

    On Friday, the government announced that the imminent danger of jihadi attack meant Britain's threat level should be raised to "severe". Then, from the prime minister downwards, Tory ministers took to every available airwave to tell us how frightened we should be and why this required a range of new powers for them to exercise. For the record, the threat level in Northern Ireland has been "severe" for the past four years as it was in all Britain for many years in the 1980s and 1990s, when the IRA threat was at its greatest.

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  • Paddy Ashdown slams 'kneejerk' Tory response to jihadi terror threat
    Intervention comes as Cameron prepares anti-terror message, with prime minister criticised over 'damaging' rhetoric

    Tensions between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over how to counter the terrorism threat from extremists have been exposed as Paddy Ashdown accuses Tory ministers of "kneejerk" responses and of stoking fear in the minds of the British people.

    The former Liberal Democrat leader and former high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, writing in the Observer, also criticises David Cameron for ill-judged rhetoric that he says could alienate ordinary Muslims and hamper the battle to defeat jihadis.

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  • Andy Murray beats Andrey Kuznetsov: US Open 3rd round - as it happened
    • Murray wins 6-1, 7-5, 4-6, 6-2
    • Murray prevails despite fatigue in fourth set
    • Both men concede breaks behind poor second serves

    Final thoughts

    Murray gives his young opponent a consoling pat and a few encouraging words as he himself contemplates moving on in this tournament. Perhaps that should be moving delicately along he visibly tired again in this match and will have been relieved Kuznetsov couldnt press home his advantage as he grew in confidence later in the match. The younger man was a game but limited opponent who was given plenty of opportunities on the Murray second serve, only to make some crucial errors on his own serve, especially as the match went on.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 2-6 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Murray misses with his first serve, but after a brief rally takes the point on a missed Kuznetsov forehand down the line. Second serve again, and Murray edges forward to find the angle for the forehand winner. 30-0 and Kuznetsov shows some defiance as he stands his ground to push a backhand winner past Murray and into the corner. 30-15.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 2-5 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Life in this one yet then. The players split the first two points, but then Murray hits a hard, flat service return for 15-30 and more pressure on Kuznetsov, then punishes that second serve again in pushing for the error for another two break points. Kuznetsov saves the first and were back at baseline attrition. And its Murray who comes out of the point as Kuznetsov finds the net from deep to allow Murray to break again and stem the mini-revival. Murray to serve for the match.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 2-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov did a lot that was good in that last game to retrieve the first two break points, but two double faults gifted Murray what will surely be the decisive break in this match. Murray gets his first serve with the new balls into play and Kuznetsov returns long. 15-0. Second serve and Kuznetsov is still going for this as he pushes back on the Muray serve and earns 15-1 on an error from Murray.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 1-4 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov sees a service return whistle past him as Murray tries to turn the screw, and as the tempo rises on the next point, Murrays swiftly up 0-30. Timely ace for 15-30 he can ill-afford a double break. On second serve on the next point Kuznetsov hits Murrays service return wide in trying to go down the line and has to deal with two break points. He defends the first as Murray misses then defends the second one from low in front of the net as he shows deft control to angle sharply across court for Deuce.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 1-3 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray is not fond of the Louis Armstrong court and its showed at times today. But he looks to have gritted his teeth and fought his way out of the toughest section of the match so far for him. Kuznetsov trying to be positive where he can, but the aggression he needs to win some of these points sometimes comes at the expense of control.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 1-2 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Second serve for Kuznetsov and Murray is swiftyl in control of the point as he finds a one-handed backhand for a cross court winner. 0-15. He misses with the forehand on the run on the next point though for 15-15, and Kuznetsov hits a clean winner for 30-15 behind his first serve on the next point though. Another strong Murray backhand angles past Kuznetsov for 30-30 on another second serve and Murray presses home the advantage on another second serve for 30-40 as Kuznetsov goes long while chasing.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 1-1 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray trying to power his way through and takes the opening point but cant dominate the rally enough on the second point and makes yet another unforced error for 15-15, and an even more egregious bad forehand for 15-30. Second serve, and Kuznetsov tries to batter the ball back at him but goes just long. It was close though. 30-30 and Murray living dangerously. 40-30 as Kuznetsov fails to do anything with another second serve and Murray sees the game out by pushing Kuznetsov around the court a little and finally dinking a gentle volley into open space.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 6-4, 1-0 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Our technical gremlins look to have settled down for now, but Murrays are working their mischief, as he gifts Kuznetsov the third set with two sloppy points. Last thing he needed was to be pushed deep in the middle of another hot, draining day, but he must face at least one more set now.

    @KidWeil what's up with AM? He's making light work of early rounds which isn't his usual form in GS's. He could do with a real test though!

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 6-4 Murray

    Murray splits the first couple of points on his serve. Definite increase in the amount of disgruntled chatter from him right now as he tries to avoid going beyond three sets. But he misjudges his forehand on the next point and goes to 15-30. Big first serve looks to have set Murray up for an easy winner, but his smash is long to set up two break points and indeed set points for Kuznetsov.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 5-4 Murray*

    Its another tussle on the Kuznetsov serve, and Murray brings up a second break point ashe tries to put the squeeze on Kuznetsov. Kuznetsov fends him off twice and then gains the advantage after a challenged Murray shot is shown to be out. And now Murray pounds the ground in frustration (like a certain Guardian game-by-game blogger) as he finds the net on a Kuznetsov return that was begging to be hit. Game Kuznetsov.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 4-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Sorry. Were having some technical gremlins here on the system, but I can tell you that both men have had breaks, Murray has looked a little weary, raising the specter of the cramping that plagued him in the first round. All square now...

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 3-1Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray keeps offering Kuznetsov chances with his second serve and his opponent races into the net for a sharp angled volley for 0-15. He may as well go for it, but misses on the next point for 15-15. Murray back on his second serve on the third point and thats a tired looking double fault 15-30. Another second serve. Murray chasing again but he digs out a stretching cross court forehand that Kuznetsov has no answer to. great shot under pressure. 30-30. Kuznetsov chasing on the next point and Murrays almost surprised by a cross court shot from deep, only to stretch athletically and stab the ball back for 40-30. Double fault again though, and thats Deuce.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 2-1 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov jumps out quickly with his first serve for 15-0, and Murrays early return is short for 30-0. Murray stays in touch at 30-15, but a long shot from the baseline brings up 40-15, and another Murray shot flies long for a routine hold for Kuznetsov.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7, 1-1 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Djokovic about to win in straight sets over on Arthur Ashe by the way. Hes 5-1 up in the third. Murray takes his opening point behind a missed service return for 15-0 then goes to his second serve on the second point. It gifts Kuznetsov a look and he duly forces the error for 15-15. Better point from Murray now as he edges closer to the net with each shot to set up the Kuznetsov miss for 30-15. But thats a great vicious service return from Kuznetsov to whistle past Murray for 30-30.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-7, 1-0 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov doing his best to pressure Murray when he can but just finding the British player stepping gently on the accelerator when he gets too close in the rear view mirror. Murray, like Federer last night, playing well below capacity, but doing well enough. He has Kuznetsov sprawling in a doomed attempt to recover the ball for 0-15, and now Kuznetsov loses a routine point by missing when he was in control for 0-30. Murray gives one back as he goes long himself on the next point and now hes grumbling to himself a little after an off-balance forehand hits the net to allow his opponent back to 30-30. Another break point though as Kuznetsovs forehand is short from behind the baseline. Kuznetsov saves it with a strong first serve and approach to set up the winner.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-7 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray serving for the second set. Second serve. Unforced error on Kuznetsovs forehand prematurely ends first point. 15-0. Second serve again. Murray on offensive, but he misjudges his backhand after a nicely sliced Kuznetsov return to end a decent rally. 15-15. Second serve again and Kuznetsov seems to be in two minds as to what shot to play on his forehand and ends up deciding to put it into the net. 30-15, and a big ace at a great time makes it 40-15 for Murray. Two set points. He only needs one. Another big first serve can only be parried up and way long by Kuznetsov.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-6 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov gallops to the net again but he misjudges his shot for 0-15, then he gets the better of a second service point (those are improving) for 15-15. Again he cant deal with the Murray service return for 15-30 and now he has to deal with two break points again as he cant dig out a shot at his feet. And now, after a mini-scare in this set, Murray steps up to whip a forehand winner cross court into the corner. Kuznetsov can only watch as Murray breaks again.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 5-5 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray rattles down a decent serve to open the game and then takes a routine second point as Kuznetsov finds the net again. 30-0 and another strong first serve brings up 40-0. Hes looking to steady with a domnant game, but must go to his second serve again. Now its Kuznetsovs return to mess up his backhand service return though, as it skews wide for game Murray.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 5-4 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Murray looks irritated but immediately gets to pressure Kuznetsovs second serve and puts the first point away quickly. 0-15 and a double fault from Kuznetsov has Murray up 0-30. Second serve again and Kuznetsov has to concentrate. He does and steps up to put away a winner down the line to end a baseline rally. 15-30 and Kuznetsov going for it now as he stretches to make another great forehand winner for 30-30. And his first serve brings him back up to 40-30 after that moment of danger. And a terrible backhand service return from Murray sees Kuznetsov up in the set for the first time. He looked like he might be broken straight back for a minute but played the game with a lot of verve under pressure, and now Murray has to hold.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 4-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray held up slightly by the usual New York crowd indifference to finding their seats, and he finds himself facing pressure from Kuznetsov, which pays off with a Murray error. 0-15, then a great angled volley from Kunetsov at the net has Murray stranded for 0-30. Now then. A chance? Not yet. Ace. 15-30.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 3-4 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Thats a good backhand by Kuznetsov to give him the opening point on his serve and then his first serve brings up 30-0. He follows in his second serve for 40-0 and then Murray misjudges his attacking shot on the next rally to allow Kuznetsov to hold to love for the first time. Hell be grateful for the respite.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 2-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray looking comfortable but will be concerned with what a better opponent is going to do to that second serve of his. Still has to negotiate this match of course.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 2-3 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov digs out a big first serve after giving up a sloppy first point. 15-15 He needs those. His second serve has done nothing for him (not that Murrays has been great either). 15-30 and thats 3 second service points from 16 for Kuznetsov. He forces the error for 30-30 and pushes the pace again on the next point for 40-30. He needs to do something. Another second serve, another Murray controlled point and thats Deuce.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 1-3 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murray takes the first point with minimal fanfare then is back on that slightly troublesome second serve where a net cord gives Kuznetsov the chance to put in a winner across the court. Wonderful two-handed early backhand by Murray wins the next point. 30-15 and his first serve quickly brings up another point. 40-15. Baseline rally. both men playing cat and mouse, but Murrays better at it. A Kuznetsov return drifts long and thats game.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 1-2 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    A couple of quick shared points then a wide Murray return brings up 30-15. Kuznetsov looks to be dominating another point but pulls up as Murray looks to have sent one wide, but it dips into the corner for a winner. 30-30. Kuznetsov gets to the net behind a drop shot and lob and puts away the point for 40-30. Deuce as Murray stretches Kuznetsov down the line to force the error.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6, 0-2 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Murrays backhand finds the net behind his second serve for 0-15. And now Kuznetsov whips another second service return down the line for 0-30. He rather blows his chance of pressuring Murray with an unforced error on his backhand in the next rally for 15-30, and having taken control of the next long point, he sees Murray smack a firm high forehand past him from behind the baseline for 30-30. Again Kuznetsov rallies and he sends a beautiful low backhand into the corner that Murray has no reply to for 30-40. Break point and another second serve not Murrays strong suit in this match so far. But Kuznetsov cant convert as he dumps his backhand into the net. Deuce.

    Kuznetsov 1-6, 0-1 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    So the first set flies by in just 30 minutes as Murray jumps out to an early lead. Kuznetsov made 12 unforced errors in that set. Murray made the same number of winners.

    Kuznetsov* 1-6 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Spinning serve deceives Kuznetsov enough for the return to go out and thats 15-0. Decent return to a second serve on the next point brings up 15-15. And then a wild point full of net cords, improvized drop shots, recovery shots and reflex volleys sees Murray come out on top. 30-15. Baseline rally and an unforced error sees Murray hit a backhand into the net. 30-30. A glimpse for Kuznetsov, but he has a set point to defend now after Murray sends down an ace. Kuznetsov scurries from left to right but can only find the net after a brief rally and Murray takes the set.

    Kuznetsov 1-5 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Kuznetsov has definitely had looks in this match, but its hard to identify one single aspect of his game thats better than Murrays and Murray, despite looking a little awkward on that last service game, appears generally comfortable.

    Kuznetsov* 1-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Double fault to open Murrays service game. 0-15 and another second serve comes up. Kuznetsov is straight after it but pushes his luck in sending a forehand long when he had control of the point. 15-15. Murray grimacing a little at another second serve and Kuznetsov looking more aggressive as he comes in again and forces another Murray error. 15-30. Murray gets this first serve in and puts away the subsequent volley for 30-30. Hes not looking comfortable in his serve right now though and Kuznetsov seizes on that to move him around for a break point. Kuznetsov has the measure of the point but misses the baseline as he goes for the winner. Deuce.

    Kuznetsov 1-3 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    Simon McMahaon writes excitedly:

    Kuznetsov* 0-3 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Straightforward point to open the game then Murray sends Kuznetsov from side to side in futile pursuit of the ball for 30-0. Kuznetsov does come to the net for the first time on the next point, in time to watch Murrays attempted lob fall short. 30-15. It encourages Kuznetsov in again, and he sends a winner down the line with Murray stranded. 30-30 and now he has a look at a break after another Murray error opens the door for him. But a vicious Murray backhand to the corner whizzes past Kuznetsov at the baseline for Deuce.

    Kuznetsov 0-2 Murray* (*denotes next server)

    The Andy boys are in full voice up in the stands as they give their dignity a good thrashing. Murray starts to probe the Kuznetsov serve on the opening point but loops a forehand long for 15-0. Second serve and a double fault for 15-15. Another second serve and Kuznetsov finds the net with his backhand to Murrays service return 15-30. Another second serve and Murray follows it into the net to put Kuznetsov under pressure and force two break points. Yet another failed first serve and again Kuznetsov is under poressure. A nervous error and immediately Murray breaks.

    @KidWeil never a huge Murray fan but Think the choice of Mauresmo awesome and actually took some guts knowing that there'd be a lot of talk

    Kuznetsov* 0-1 Murray (*denotes next server)

    Dietary update: Murray has a big swig of light green something or other, Kuznetsov taps his racket nervously in his chair and then they theyre on their feet and Murray will serve first.

    Players out and warming up

    We should be under way very soon. Kuznetsov appears to have got Murrays not from the other night about it being hard to pick out the ball when playing players wearing neon yellow. Hes soberly dressed in hot pink and blue. Murray is his familiar vision in monochrome with just a flash of cheeky neon green.

    Whats at stake

    Really, before I started talking about potential Djokovic match-ups, I should have had the good grace and respect to mention Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Pablo Carreño Busta, one of whom awaits todays winner in the fourth round, and both of whom are fine players, with every chance of derailing Murrays ambitions on any given day (assuming of course he gets past the unseeded Kuznetsov, which as weve already seen today, is not a given).


    Speaking of bruising encounters Kuznetsov came through a five set match against Fernando Verdasco to get here. Verdasco may be known as much for his fitness as his play, but he was tough to break down, and Kuznetsov, the world number 92, who won the Wimbledon boys title in 2009, can add that to a list of impressive 2014 victories thats undoubtedly topped by his defeat of David Ferrer at Wimbledon.


    Theres method to that salty madness you know Murray struggled badly with cramp in his first round match against Robin Haase, and has been reconsidering his whole salinizing and rehydrating approach this week (clearly the barley water of my youth is old hat these days). He looked better in Thursdays second round victory over Matthias Bachinger and had to be. Bachinger brought out the best in Murray, and he looked something like the aggressive player he is at his peak, especially when coming to the net.

    Afternoon all

    Its another beautiful sunny day here in New York, in a summer thats been full of them.


    Hello again from New York, and the latest installment of Andy Murrays 2014 US Open campaign, as he takes on Russias Andrey Kuznetsov in the 3rd round, in the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

    Im making sure I have enough fluids down me and take a bit more salt to see if that helps, he said. There are little one gramme sachets of salt in the restaurant [which] I take. The conditions are tough and you need to make sure you are on top of everything before matches so you dont get caught out.

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