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  • Ashes 2015: England v Australia, third Test, day one – live!

    24th over: England 109-2 (Bell 47, Root 14). Hazlewood continues at the City End. He’s still finding plenty of swing and, despite having been expensive, is perhaps making better use of it than his colleagues. Root is well beaten by one such display of it, and hurries through for a single at the end of a tighter, better over.

    23rd over: England 109-2 (Bell 47, Root 13). More ch-ch-ch-changes, as Starc is reintroduced to the attack, but the flow of runs continues as a confident square drive on the offside brings Bell four more and England to three figures. He gets four more in the same region when Starc overpitches and the drive is easy and confident. If Gower in the commentary box is fretting a tad about the airy nature of some of his shots, no fault can be found with the third boundary of the over, a deft, brilliantly timed late cut past the slips. By Bell’s recent standards, this is a substantial score and his response to his promotion up the order appears to have been to really go for it, though the match situation may have much to do with this. And that’s drinks.

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  • Astronomers find aurora a million times brighter than the northern lights

    The most powerful aurora ever recorded has been spotted above a failed star 18 light years away, solving a long-standing astronomical mystery

    The sky above a failed star in a distant constellation shimmers with a beautiful green and yellow aurora one million times brighter than the northern lights.

    The spectacular light show is the first confirmed aurora on a body outside the solar system, and the most powerful ever recorded.

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  • Jonathan Pollard, spy for Israel, to be subject of feature film

    US playwright Martin Blank is to adapt his The Law of Return for film about US Navy analyst jailed in 1987, who will be released on parole in November

    The Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is set to become the subject of a feature film.

    The Pollard espionage scandal of the 1980s has remained a source of contention between the United States and Israel for decades. He is believed to be the only American ever to receive a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally of the US.

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  • Football fan, 72, convicted over making 'monkey' gestures at black players

    Middlesbrough fan Ernest Goult claimed gesture was a traditional Teesside expression but was convicted of public order offences

    A Middlesbrough fan has been found guilty of making monkey gestures at black Blackburn Rovers players after one of them scored a controversial goal against his team in a Championship match.

    The players Lee Williamson, Rudy Gestede and Markus Olsson spotted Ernest Goult, 72, making the gestures after Gestede scored a last-minute equaliser against the home team at Middlesbrough’s Riverside stadium last November.

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  • Spaghetti in a cone: a miracle of physics, a genius food delivery system

    How can something that should be so wrong be so right? A restaurant on the Lower East Side of New York has invented the perfect late-night food-on-the-go

    I am a person who finds fault with the world. I try my best not to be unpleasant about it, but I wish that many things were not as they are. It would be better, for instance, if it weren’t so hot outside. Dogs should not be allowed in New York City, nor should duck boots – which belong in a swamp. Christmas is stupid and ought to be cancelled. Ketchup does not belong on hot dogs, and Will Ferrell isn’t funny.

    So when I was given the assignment of eating and reporting on the latest innovation in modern street food, the spaghetti cone, created by chef Emanuele Attala and available at his new restaurant, the Spaghetti Incident, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I was prepared to do some quality complaining. It is, after all, a ridiculous-sounding idea. Why would anyone want to eat spaghetti out of a cone?

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  • Bletchley Park celebrates codebreakers who changed course of first world war

    Exhibition brings to light work of MI1(b) and Room 40, latter of which helped bring US into Great War after deciphering Zimmerman telegram

    In January 1917 British codebreakers known as Room 40, named after their original cramped space at the Admiralty, intercepted and deciphered a German secret message which changed the course of the first world war, helping to bring the US into the conflict.

    The Zimmerman telegram, sent from the German foreign minister to their ambassador in Mexico, urged the central American county to “make war together, make peace together”. In return for becoming a German ally, it promised the US states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico as a prize after the war.

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