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Petticoat Lane Market

Petticoat Lane Market is a fashion and clothing market located on Wentworth Street and Middlesex Street in East London. It is one of a number of traditional markets, lying to the east of the City of London. A few hundred yards to the north is Old Spitalfields market, and across Commercial Street, to the east, lies Brick Lane Market. A half mile further east is the Columbia Road Flower market. Petticoat Lane Market - serves the 'rag trade' and is the place to buy clothing with some haggling thrown in.
Petticoat Lane Market was not formally recognised until an Act of Parliament in 1936, but its long history as an informal market makes it possibly one of the oldest surviving markets in Britain. The market is open Monday to Friday on Wentworth Street alone, but on Sunday extends over many of the surrounding streets, with over a thousand stalls. The markets are well signed from local stations.


Cabbages & Frocks Market (Saturdays Only)

Cabbages & Frocks is a small market operating in Marylebone (sorry, I couldn't bring myself to call it Marylebone Village). Cakes for sale at Cabbages and Frocks Market in MaryleboneThe focus is mainly on ambient food products and fashion items. Coffee and cakes are well represented as are other food specialities including: olive oils, balsamic vinegars, cupcakes, fine breads, olives, cheeses, hot chocolate, organic crepes and galettes, plus Moroccan bedouin food from Abdul (ex-Momo’s).


Columbia Road Market (Sundays Only)

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Columbia Road Flower Market is a street flower market, located in East London. Columbia Road itself is a road of Victorian shops off the Hackney Road in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Columbia Road: is a Sunday market selling mostly plants and flowers.
The market is in operation every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Traders arrive from 4 am to set up their stalls. A wide range of plants, bedding plants, shrubs, bulbs and freshly cut flowers are available at competitive prices.


Brick Lane Market (Sundays Only)

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Brick Lane Market is based around Brick Lane, in the borough of Tower Hamlets. It's located at the northern end of Brick Lane and along Cheshire Street in East London. It operates every Sunday from around 4am to 2pm.
Brick Lane: a Sunday market that's been in operation for centuries.Almost anything can be found on Brick Lane, from antique books to eight-track cartridge decks (for many years it hosted a stall selling nothing but rusty cog wheels). A large part of its charm is the possibility of such strange discoveries and it has always been popular with and much photographed by art students. Bargain hunters from across London also value it greatly. It is particularly notorious as a place where stolen bicycles are sold.


Camden Markets

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The Camden Markets are a number of adjoining markets in Camden Town near the Hampstead Road Lock, off the Regent's Canal (which is usually called Camden Lock). Together they're collectively called "Camden Market" or "Camden Lock". The stalls sell crafts, clothing, bric-a-brac, fast food, and other paraphernalia. Camden Market is the fourth most popular visitor attraction in London, pulling in approximately 100,000 people each weekend.

Camden Market is located just off the High Street, near the Regent Canal locks.
It began in its present form in 1974 when the Camden Lock Crafts Market was formed. There was a small local food market in Inverness Street long before that; as of 2009 the market retains only three fruit and vegetable stalls in addition to stalls like those in the other markets. During the 1980s the market left its hippy roots behind and focused more on contemporary fashions (it was 'the' place to acquire used Levi 501s with holes in the knees). Veggie curry was a regular fixture for decades - but now the market has expanded to cater for the increasing interest in London streetfood

Walk along the cobbled Camden Lock Passage, then turn into Middle Yard or the further West Yard - and you can sample a range of streetfoods from the four corners of the Earth. Freshly prepared & cooked, this area of the market also favours the more individual stall holders - you're likely to find something unique here. So if you've a hankering for Spanish Tapas at Sol y Sombra, chapati wraps, African cassava, Turkish falafel or highly authentic Japanese sushi - detour away from the pressing herd & discover an [almost] hidden gem. Thirty-five to forty food stallholders are open Thurs-Sun throughout the year, and every day from March-October. (See the map below showing the West Yard).

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