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Smallest UK Police Box

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Located in the south-east corner of Trafalgar Square, is Britain’s smallest police box. Overlooked by the tourists, simply because it blends in so well - which Police Box fashioned from the stone base of street lamp in Trafalgar Square.was no doubt, the intention of those who commissioned it. In fact it was originally an ornamental light fitting, built in 1826.

Scotland Yard had it hollowed out and adapted for police purposes in 1926, with the addition of electric lighting and a telephone. This was the year of the general strike in Britain and Trafalgar Square was and still is, the place for disenfranchised citizens to congregate and have a grumble.

Today, it's used to store street cleaning equipment and the task of monitoring the public has been turned over to 10,500 crime-fighting CCTV cameras. Aided and abetted in no small way, by over 500,000 commercial CCTV cameras.

You can nip over and have a look while visiting the nearby [essential] galleries - The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery, also in Trafalgar Square



Smallest Police Station, Trafalgar Square, Opposite South Africa House, WC2N 5DP.

Charing Cross Tube.


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