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The London Silver Vaults

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The London Silver Vaults are located three floors below ground, under an office block (Southampton Buildings) in Chancery Lane. Containing over 40 shopsLondon Silver Vaults: an underground shopping emporium for silver goods of every description the vaults represent the largest single concentration of silver dealers in the world.

The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit opened in 1876 as a place where wealthy Londoners could safeguard their silver, jewellery and documents. Over time, more and more jewellers from nearby Hatton Garden, began using the strong room to deposit their valuable stock at night.

This reached a peak during the Second World War, where bombing of retail premises was a primary objective.The building above the Safe Deposit was directly struck by a bomb in 1943 and completely destroyed - but the vault below was left unscathed. It was replaced by the current building in 1953.

In 1953, the vaults were converted and dealers began selling directly to the public - which is when they became The London Silver Vaults. Part shopping arcade, part museum - the silver vaults are a fascinating and unique insight into how a building's function evolved to meet changing needs.

Chancery Lane, where the London Silver Vaults are located.

There's no better place to buy silverware in Britain, since so many vendors in close proximity has kept prices competitive. All the dealers in the vaults have been in business there for at least 50 years, so you're entering a tight-knit and traditional community.

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm Sat 9am-1pm
Admission: Free

53–64 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1QS.

Chancery Lane or Temple Tube.

Call: 020 7242 3844





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