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Dennis Severs' House

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In 1970 Dennis Severs, a Canadian artist moved to London and bought this 10-room house in Folgate Street, Spitalfields, long before it became a trendy City location. He filledDennis Severs' house in Folgate Street. his home with chipped antiques and anonymous portraits picked up from flea markets, determined to recreate an authentic 18th century household.

Severs started on a programme to refurbish the ten rooms of the house, each in a different historic style, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries for an imaginary family - The Jervises. The rooms are arranged as if they are in use and the occupants have recently left - the Marie Celeste approach. Displays include half-eaten food, and different smells and background sounds for each room. Severs referred to this as "still life drama".
Painter David Hockney described the house as "one of the world's greatest works of opera".

Esteemed London-based writer Peter Ackroyd, says: “The journey through the house becomes a journey through time; with its small rooms and hidden corridors, its whispered asides and sudden revelations, it resembles a pilgrimage through life itself."
If the greatest imagination in contemporary fiction, especially where the history of London is concerned offers such a positive endorsement, then it's not 'if', but 'when' you can make time to visit. Pre-book for the spine-tingling candlelt tours.


Opening times:

Every Sunday afternoon
From 12-4pm, last admission at 3:15pm.
£10 per person. No booking required.

Monday lunchtimes
Following the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
From 12-2pm, last admission at 1:15pm.
£7 per person. No booking required.

'Silent Night' Monday
Twilight/evening visits.
From 6-9pm, last booking at 8pm.
£14 per person. Booking required.

'Silent Night' Wednesday
Twilight/evening visits.
From the 1st October – 31st March.
From 6-9pm, last booking at 8pm.
£14 per person. Booking required.

A typical visit lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes a short introduction.


'Exclusive Silent Night', On the last Thursday of every month at 7pm. For more information and to arrange private group visit, please visit the website www.dennissevershouse.co.uk.



Denis Severs' House, 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields E1 6BX.

Liverpool Street Tube.

Call:    020 7247 4013

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