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Boutique 60

Boutique 60 attracts the moneyed and the A-list and is based in the 5-star Baglioni Hotel. It’s advisable Boutique 60 - a popular spot for Hollywood stars who can slip in and out from the hotel above.to be on the guestlist here, as it fills up quickly and although it doesn't operate  a disclusive door, there is limited space, so dress smartly. The drinks menu is one of the most extensive available and the music is populist rather than bang on trend. Swish.



If you're slick, hip or well connected, A-list or similar then you'll have no trouble breezing into this club. Maya: if you're hip and fancy your chances, try to pass the velvet rope police.They operate a New York style velvet rope door policy, so if you don't turn the doorman's discerning eye, you'll be on your way. If you enjoy the buzz of fashionista-high wire walking, where you might get warmly greeted or turned away with your tail drooping between your legs, this is the best way to kick-off your night. Expect to see high-rollers and celebs and don't moan about the prices, you weren't seriously expecting a cheap night here. The music is again populist, rather than cutting-edge trendy and the atmosphere friendly and warm. If you like exclusivity, being seen and being a cut above the hoi polloi, then you'll have a great night. If you're a member of the huge subgroup of individuals who are neither, famous, wealthy or fashionable, nor particularly want to be: find another club - you'll have a much better time.



At first glance, Mahiki appears to be a tacky, Polynesian themed Tiki bar, serving intentionally tacky cocktails and some Asian influenced food. Mahiki - camp Polynesian interior is a popular haunt of the monied and famous.The music is not attempting to be cutting-edge, in fact the intention is retro and populist rather than trendy and exclusive. Most people have heard of Mahiki because of its clientele. A favourite haunt of Prince William and Harry, Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johansson; there'll be a few paps floating around outside, hoping to catch somebody noteworthy falling over in the small hours. They have an inclusive door policy, but get there early and expect to queue - as there will be a guest list with 'beautiful people' on it. That is after all, how it became so well known. Expensive.

Open: 5:30pm-3:30am Mon-Fri, 7:30pm-3:30am Sat.



Another Shoreditch club, though this differs from the norm in that it's open most nights and offers Cargo: good range of music and South American street food, live bands - a real mish-mash.live music and dining too (in a separate restaurant). Housed in a cavernous space, beneath brick railway arches, it genuinely attempts to offer something different. If you like your music eclectic and are partial to South American street food and gourmet burgers, it's the venue for you. Best to ring ahead before going as the musical range is broad and you may want to choose from a selection of nights available. Try the food during the day if you fancy scoping the place out before an evening visit. Beth Ditto and Damon Albarn have been spotted here.



Egg - the nightclub - is in a dead-zone area of London, north of King's Cross near the Caledonian Road,  though club organisers Egg: has an outdoor chill zone with fake palm trees, which looks less anaemic at night.do run an 'Egg Bus' from King's Cross station to the venue to prevent you from getting lost in the Somerstown hinterlands. The place is huge, with three distinct music zones over the three floors - with each focussing on their own sound. Gravitate to whichever attracts you.

Egg also has a garden/chill out area which provides an excellent head-sorbet to the pounding music inside, palm trees and a relaxed vibe. They operate a non-nonsense dress code ("No polo shirts, no Reebok Classics") and Hollywood celebs have been known to drop in too, so it - ahem - must be cool. Fridays and Saturdays mostly, pretty hip, somewhat pricey, but a good mix of clubbers up for a night of dancing.

Egg also host corporate events for Big Brother 'wrap parties', MTV and similar, for up to 1400.

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