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Historical Buildings in and Around London

London has been a thriving city for over two millennia and as such is home to a fascinating array of buildings. The cream of the crop have been compiled here and arranged into three groups

  1. Those found in the West End (the West side of Central London)
  2. Those found in the City of London (the East side of Central London)
  3. Those found outside central London (though worth a trip too, for the adventurous)

So all the buildings in the first two sections are within zones 1 and 2 of the Tube system and hence, are relatively short journeys. Many of those further afield are still within the Tube system, but in the outer zones (3-9).

Some, such as Canterbury Cathedral, are in neighbouring counties and accessible by rail, coach or car.

West End Buildings Link.

City Buildings Link.

Day Trip Buildings Link.


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