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There are over 300 museums and galleries in London – most of which are free. Whether you want to appreciate fine paintings, original modern art or Ancient Egyptian relics, Londoners have a huge choice of world-class culture on their doorstep. Wood Relief carving on display in the British Museum.The Inside Guide has pared this list down to the essential places to see.

The galleries and museums are permanent fixtures and can be visited all year round. The exhibitions page however is a feed and constantly changing based on the date the page is opened. I recommend that it's used in conjunction with the galleries and museums as there will be some crossover (particularly with travelling art exhibitions and loans).

Easter Island Statue: from the collection at the British Museum.If museums and art galleries aren't usually on your 'must-see' list - give them a try. The British Museum and Tate Modern buildings are just as stunning as the attractions themselves and the Natural History and Science Museums are full of games, puzzles and fun tasks.

(Although most of the venues are free and you are placed under no payment obligation, all of them do have donation boxes to help ensure that the service can continue to remain free.)






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